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Stage, voice, media

Presenting events in front of an audience makes some people sweat. And so did I in those days. In the last years I did my coaching with Sabine Appelhagen, Carola von Seherr-Thoss, Margit Gruber and Jens Liedtke from Sky.

My focus is clearly on language. I work as a freelance speaker, in the studio. For audio books and commercials.
There is also a channel on Soundcloud with some rehearsals.

You can also book me as a presenter for events. I have experience on stage, editorial knowledge, and a passion for what I do.



Off to the stage

Anyone who has ever moderated in front of an audience will confirm that: Everything is live, the atmosphere is very close, you literally have the action in your hand. An event wins if it is dramaturgically exciting, entertaining, accompanied and cordially framed.

Durch mein breites Spektrum an Erfahrungen, mein Wissen im Mediabereich sowie durch meine stets professionelle Vorbereitung behalte ich immer den roten Faden. Bin dabei leicht, schlagfertig, eloquent und das mit Charme.

Voice creates mood

The voice conveys messages, carries information and emotionalises the listener.
The basic requirement for a speaker is a pleasant voice with a high degree of individuality. This means that the voice must not sound too high or too low, must be clear, beautiful and recognizable. This is said of my voice. Speaking is my great passion and so I am interested in bookings for audio books, commercials and e-learning. I am studio- and editorial-tested.

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